Thursday, 25 August 2011

Painting - at last

I created a range of smaller sketches some time ago and then added to them during the summer, consolidating into a larger charcoal sketch which I've used as a starting point.  I've now painted in the main elements of the composition.  It probably looks softer and more static then it will eventually be.
 charcoal sketch
underpainting using thin oil paint

Press repaired - hooray!

The brilliant Keith came to the rescue and, thanks to a new part + grease and detailed instructions, it's now working again.

 Re-cut lino print - test print
Birds eye view of Chocolate Digitalis - lino print test
first test print - Chocolate Digitalis

More problems with the relief press

I've had more problems with the relief press.   The bottom of the screw is damaging itself as it screws down - shavings of metal are coming of and the prints aren't printing properly.

Trying out some ideas for cards and labels