Sunday, 12 May 2013

'Knockout exhibition' 'Punchy Prints' The exhibition ends 5pm, Sat 18 May

Comments on my exhibition - made tongue in cheek perhaps, but good anyway!
#Wolverhampton Art Gallery #Finding the Balance #prints #iPad drawings

Last week of my exhibition at Wolverhampton Art Gallery - it closes at the end of Saturday 18 May

It was good to take my cousin to see my exhibition on Saturday - it's still up and looks good.

Some more cards had sold from the shop, no more prints since the opening day and I'm not sure how many small mounted, iPad drawings have been purchased.  There were some lovely comments in the Comments Book.   One more week to go.

I'm meeting a group of students there tomorrow to explain what's involved in the technical aspects of putting up an exhibition.

I also had a look at the new Sensing Sculpture exhibition on upstairs and that looks fresh and good. More pieces by Paddison than before, which I like.