Sunday, 21 April 2013

Wolverhampton Art Gallery - exhibition opening Saturday 20 April

I really enjoyed the opening yesterday - a beautiful sunny afternoon and a steady stream of lovely people coming in, having a look around, chatting and making me laugh!  Here are a few photos.
It's on for a month now - closing on Saturday 18th May.  All images are for sale via the gallery shop.

Opening of my exhibition yesterday at Wolverhampton Art Gallery

At the exhibition

Sunday, 14 April 2013

Finding the Balance Exhibition - opens Sat 20 April at Wolverhampton Art Gallery. Meet the artist 1-3pm

Finding the Balance – exhibition  at Wolverhampton Art Gallery

Meet the artist Saturday 20 April  1-3pm

Exhibition runs from Saturday 20 April –  Saturday 18 May

An exhibition of lino prints, monotypes, mixed media prints and iPad drawings exploring that elusive balance within your own life and environment

Finding the balance is a life’s project.   On a personal level when dealing with knocks, worries and demands how do you stay calm?  I asked Lilly (aged 4) and she told me that at nursery she does meditation, or as she calls it, ‘Ommm time’.   I like boxercise, working in my garden, stopping to smell the flowers, having an Indian Head massage...
Creating work for this exhibition is all part of my attempt at finding my own  balance.  I love printmaking and have used a combination of both traditional methods, that involve using a manual etching press, and digital prints and iPad drawings.

Finding the Balance exhibition opens next Saturday 20 April (meet the artist 1-3)

I'm counting down the days to my exhibition opening now. I've had more work than frames and space to hang them for some time!   Today's target is to make a decision on one of the images - should I have a second boxing image (monotype) or an iPad drawing of the swarm of bees that came into my garden and posed for me?   I'm leaning towards the boxing at the moment.

I used a number of different sketchbooks + the iPad and single sheets of paper for this project.   I've been looking at my 'negative' sketchbook which has drawings, collage, painted sketches and ideas of things that have thrown me off balance.  I deliberately focussed on developing the positive things to create final images to be hung on the wall. This activity in itself is part of keeping a balance.   However, if there's space, I think I'll put the 'negative' sketchbook on display in a case.

I had an A2 sized iPad text drawing - Stop and Smell the Flowers - foam board block mounted on Friday.  Glad I didn't do it myself, I hate the process.   Mat has sheets of foam board that are larger than A3, he mounts onto that and uses a guillotine to cut to size - much easier to get a good result.

I delivered some greetings cards to Wolverhampton Art Gallery shop on Wednesday - quite a few of them tie into this exhibition.  My hung lino and monotypes will be for sale.I will also have a few small, mounted iPad text drawing giclees available.

I haven't finished creating a sheet to give to visitors yet.... better get onto that now!