Wednesday, 19 June 2013

NEC Gardeners World - a few of the gardens

 African garden - painting walls with strong colour - magenta and burnt orange here - really lift the mood even on a dull day.  Used here with wood, wicker, bark and some simple planting.

 I love the combination of foxgloves and old pots with lichen in this 'Birmingham Borders' category of garden designed by a student Ben Corah.   Some of my own foxgloves are in flower now but I'm still waiting for the chocolate ones.
 The grey-green of the aloes, lavender coloured cushions and wood + sedums made a calm, minimal and low maintenance garden.
An interesting idea of what to do with an VW if you have had enough of repairing it!

Monday, 10 June 2013

New title for my blog - Gardenista - Linda's Art and the Garden

I had planned to start a new blog in order to mark a new phase in my printmaking, however, it's proved easier to just give my existing blog a new title.

I've been working on images relating to the garden on and off for some years and plan to make it a focus for a while now.  I want to comment on my garden, other gardens and garden-related things as well as the art I make that relates to it.

I'll see how it goes....

How to cut and print lino and vinyl

How to do relief printing - e.g. cutting and printing vinyl and lino - a video of me demonstrating cutting and printing, published on Youtube and made by Chris Hill.

Please note that I am changing the title of my blog to: